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'Vita sings in several different languages, but the listener never wonders at the meaning of the words. Like a musical instrument the meaning is in the sound. A sound that wraps itself around and weaves itself through the accompanying guitar. Vita's "instrumentation" of her voice is more melodic than jazz but far more complex than a simple melody. The sound is evocative, playful, intelligent, simultaneously sophisticated and intimate'...
Laura Werntz
..from growing up on the Kazakh Steppe
learning classical piano and Soviet patriotic hymns
to cleaning KGB offices and studying Choir Conducting in post-Perestroika St.Petersburg to learning English and waitressing at Gonville & Caius college in Cambridge (Stephen Hawking was a fellow & yes, she met him once!) to discovering Non-Duality, Yoga, Jazz & BossaNova in London to performing at some of the internationally renowned venues in London, New York & The Berkshires, Vita Kay's journey continues..    
when she s not singing, she practices Yoga, takes & shows photos, offers Reflexology, Ayurvedic massage & Wellness advice, swims in the ocean, travels, connects with others.. 
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